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By Columbus Coffee
June 9, 2014

'Keeping it local' is a food trend that has seen increased popularity over the last few years. It's slightly ironic as we are just going back to what our grandparents did in times when it was much harder to ship and fly food all over the world. We ate what we grew and bought food from close by. We were also perhaps much better connected to the community around us. You knew the people you bought from, and talked about where they grew their produce – the butcher, green grocer, the florist.

By Columbus Coffee
April 10, 2014
By Columbus Coffee
November 13, 2013

Anyone who appreciates good chocolate in any form – be it a square of dark, a row of milk or a decadent cup of Columbus Coffee's Decadent Chocolate – should be eternally grateful to those clever Mayans who worked out that the cacao bean could form the basis of one of the most popular culinary treats in the modern world.

As far back as the sixth century there is evidence of the Mayans drinking something with a base of cacao bean and other elements, forming the beginning of our love