Panna Cotta Recipe



Columbus Coffee Panna Cotta

At Columbus Coffee we love coffee and all things coffee, so what better dessert than a coffee dessert! If you’re looking at making a delicious and easy coffee themed dessert our Head Barista Trainer Pavel has a great recipe to share with you.  To make this naughty but nice dessert follow the recipe below:

Recipe makes 4 portions.


·         200ml of full cream milk

·         200g of sour cream

·         5g of gelatine

·         3 tablespoons of sugar

·         1-2 teaspoons coffee

·         1 tablespoon coffee liqueur (optional) 

·         Chocolate to decorate


·         In a large pan mix milk, sour cream and sugar.  Stir the ingredients on a low heat until the sugar dissolves. Do not bring to the boil.   

·         Add gelatine and mix well.

·         Add coffee and liqueur and mix well.

·         Take the pan off the heat allow to cool down to room temperature.

·         Pour the contents of the pan into 4 x 200ml glasses.

·         Cool in the fridge for at least 4 hours or better yet, we recommend overnight.

·         Garnish with dark and white chocolate shavings before serving!  



We hope you enjoy wowing your guests with this simple yet delicious dessert!

The team at Columbus Coffee.