Free things to do with the Kids in Final Week of School Holidays


What to do now that you’ve been to the beach and local pool a million times?

We have a few helpful ideas to try, rain or shine…

1.      Foot art. Although a little messy, these make great pieces of kid’s art and keep sakes - even gifts for the grandparents!


2.      Treasure hunt. A great way to keep the kids busy in the house or the garden. Create clues for kids to follow to lead them to the hidden treasure. To make it extra hard you can even use picture clues or make it a longer game by getting them to firstly dress up as pirates!

3.      Make a band – Tell the kids you’re going to start a band and need them to make the instruments.  You can use items around the house; a guitar with a tissue box and rubber bands, a shaker with a kitchen roll and pasta or rice,  a drum with the classic pan and wooden spoon. For more ideas visit

4.      Play capture the flag – A great game when you have lots of kids to entertain. Split the kids into two teams and have them each hide their team flag in the garden or park, then each team must find each other’s flag without being caught. To make it more fun you can always add water pistols!

5.      Baking – Get little minds working by baking. The best part will be who gets to lick the cake mixture out the bowl.

6.      Make a fort or hut. Indoors or outdoors, grab a bed sheet and see who can build the best fort.  Or ask a local store for recycled boxes to use in building one massive fortress!

7.      Make a fairy house - Tell the kids the fairies need a holiday house and asked for their help in building one.

8.      Egg and spoon race – just make sure the eggs are cooked.

9.      Chalk game - Drawing on the drive or games such as twister, hop scotch, noughts and crosses.

10.  Explore - Visit a park you don’t normally go to, there’s sure to be something different for the kids to enjoy.

11.  Sock puppet play – then ask the kids to come up with a play.

12.  Make play dough - Easy to make at home with very few ingredients and will keep the kids entertained for hours! For the recipe visit:

13.  Enter our colouring competition and treat yourself and the kids – We’re giving away a Soda Stream kit, lots of Chipmunks goodies and vouchers. Entries close Sunday 2nd February. Look out for our brand new Kids Club activity pack too - join the dots, spot the differences, complete the word searches and more!




We hope these helpful hints help with the last few days of the holidays!

From the Columbus Coffee team.