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Columbus Rewards Programme Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I join Columbus Rewards?

You can choose from our free Columbus Rewards App or pick up a card from any Columbus Coffee café around New Zealand.  

You can download the Columbus Rewards App by searching for ‘Columbus Rewards’ in your App Store or by scanning either of these QR codes:

iPhone App                                                                         Android App

Columbus Rewards App - iTunes.jpg                                                                        QR code.jpg

Can I start using it straight away?

Yes you can and you will start collecting Columbus Reward Points straight away.  Before you can start to redeem your Columbus Reward Points you must activate your card by registering it here and fully completing the registration process.

How do I use my Columbus Rewards Card?

Simply hold the QR barcode of your card/app to our team to scan before you make your purchase. 

If you are using the App, click on the MyCard icon at the bottom left of your screen to display your QR code for scanning. Our team will help if you are unsure about what to do.

How will I know if I have any rewards to redeem?

Once you have scanned your card any rewards you are entitled to redeem will show up on our till screen.  If you have the Columbus Rewards App any rewards you have waiting for you will also be displayed on the home screen. 

Our team at the till will ask you if you wish to redeem any of your rewards.   You will also be sent special offers by email so you will know which rewards to ask for when you come into store. If you have the app any current offers you have available will be displayed under 'Promos'. 

Can I use a physical card as well as a virtual card on the App?

No – you can’t use both at the same time however you can choose to switch from a physical card to a virtual card by registering the card number.  If you have been using a virtual card and then choose to use a physical card, your virtual card number will be cancelled.

How long does it take for my Columbus Reward Points to show up?

In most cases your Reward Points will appear within 24 hours, so can be used the following day as long as your card has been registered and you have enough points for a reward.  In some cases points may take up to 48 hours to appear.

How do I register and activate my Columbus Rewards Card?

There are three ways to register and activate your physical Columbus Rewards card:

1.  log on here at, follow the prompts and use the Card Number and 4 digit Password on your card; or if you have downloaded the Columbus Rewards App, simply follow the prompts on the Columbus Rewards App and enter the information requested.
2. Complete a Registration Form in-store. 
3. Text REGISTER, your Card Number and Password to 8810.

For example REGISTER 0000000000000000 1234
Please note that text registration costs the sender 50 cents per text.

I’ve changed my password and now I’ve forgotten it

Simply visit and click on ‘FORGOTTEN PASSWORD’. This will prompt you through setting up a new one. You will then be sent an email with a link to confirm you have changed your password and complete the verification process.

What are Reward Points?

These are points that you can use to redeem a variety of approved Columbus Coffee products that will be offered to you from time to time.  Reward Points cannot be exchanged for cash and change cannot be given on Reward Point purchases.  Reward Points cannot be used for bottled drinks or non-approved Columbus Coffee products.

Example Rewards include:

  • FREE TEA    450 POINTS 

The points required for these gifts may change from time to time. Soy and almond milk can be also be included for a few extra points.

Can I part-pay a purchase using Reward Points?

No, Columbus Reward Points can only be used to redeem rewards.

I forgot to use my card for a purchase. Can I show my receipt to collect points?

Your card must be scanned at the time of purchase to qualify for points.  Historical points cannot be credited to accounts.  It is at the sole discretion of the café owner whether they wish to gift your account with points, however they are under no obligation to do this as it is the responsibility of the customer to offer their card for scanning at the time of purchase. 

How do I check my Reward Points balance?

Visit, login with your Card Number and Password and select POINTS BALANCE. 

Or text BALANCE, your Card Number and Password to 8810. 
For example: BALANCE 0000000000000000 1234
Please note that texts cost the sender 50 cents per text.

How do I update my personal details?

Visit, login with your Card Number and Password and select UPDATE YOUR DETAILS.  Complete your new details and submit.

I’ve lost my card or phone – what should I do?

Visit, login with your Card Number and Password and select LOST & STOLEN CARD to freeze the balance on your card.  Or call us on 0800 100 110.

Provided your Columbus Rewards Card is activated, we can freeze the remaining Columbus Rewards Points balance from the time that you report it to us.

Pick up a new card from any Columbus Coffee cafe. Please note: Do not scan this card in store. When you have your new card, return to this website and login to your account to transfer your old balance and personal details to the new card by following the prompts.

How do I earn the triple points gift when I join?

Simply visit to register and activate your card and we will award triple Columbus Reward Points on all your purchases for one month from the date you complete your activation. Please note: the triple points gift is only awarded once per customer.  The Triple Rewards gift is available for a limited time.

What kind of phone do I need to use the App?

The App is currently available on both iPhone and Android phones.

Can I gift points to another card holder?

Sorry, not at this stage. 

Can more than one person use the same card?

Yes you can share the same card however it will need to be registered to one single name and single email address.

Do I get to keep my points if I’m refunded for something?

If you are refunded for a product we are entitled to reverse the accompanying reward points you earned for that purchase, however it is at the discretion of the local café owner if they wish to allow you to retain those points.

How do I earn the 2for1 voucher for downloading the app?

If you are not yet a member of the Columbus Rewards programme and choose to join using the app, you will earn a 2for1 coffee voucher once you have downloaded and registered your details on the app.  This can be used in any Columbus Coffee and expires 1 month after the date of issue.  To qualify for the voucher you must not already be a member of Columbus Rewards. The voucher cannot be earned by switching from a physical card to the app.

For a full list of the Columbus Rewards Terms & Conditions, please click here

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